CRM with a focus on
basics of business.

BasiqCRM is designed bottom-up to let you focus on
the basics of business - customers, inventory and team.

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BasiqCRM is not your ordinary CRM

It's a complete business solution

Customize everything
with a few clicks

Every business is unique in its own way. So why use CRMs developed for other businesses?

BasiqCRM gives you the freedom to customize each and every module according to your business needs. Say goodbye to the prison of restrictions. Run your business your own way.

Unparalleled pipeline

There's information everywhere. But how would you make sense out of it? A brilliant visual pipeline for your sales funnel.

A live funnel dashboard with live sales data which lets you oversee your business operations and helps you make decisions faster and with confidence. BasiqCRM is a dream come true for agile teams.

Mobile apps
for sales team

Make no mistake, this is a world of smartphone. Everyone is on smartphone. What if we brought your CRM to your smartphone?

BasiqCRM comes with its set of mobile apps, for your sales team, on every smartphone platform. So that your sales team can achieve more, and you can help them achieve more with live tracking.

Smart reporting
for every business

Reporting and invoice generation just got better with BasiqCRM. We have redesigned the whole experience from scratch.

Create smart reports with a click. Export Excel sheets or PDFs. Pick a reporting template you want. With all the standard templates included. Running a CRM has never been this easy.

And many more features that make BasiqCRM

A complete business management solution

Try before you buy

Feel free to try basiqCRM and experience it yourself before you buy. Request for a remote or face to face demo.